Terms and Conditions

Membership Creation

Membersip processes are implemented online by filling in the necessary forms on our web site.In order to complete the membership process, membership confirmation must be done by using the verification code/link to be sent via the e-mail address or the telephone number you entered.

Membership Types

It is free to create membership in our system. Business owners, Managers, HR Managers or Project Team Leaders can perform membership transactions through the web platform. Mobile applications that staff should use are also available free of charge in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. Using these applications, personnels can managers can log into the system and view working history and work performances.

Cancel Membership

To cancel the membership and delete your information on the system, it is sufficient to make a request by registered email address. Passive accounts will be automatically deleted after 3 months.

Legal Parties

This Agreement has been signed by the following parties in accordance with the following terms and conditions.
Real and legal persons who form memberships through our website will be referred to hereinafter as 'Administrator' and the persons defined by the Administrators on the system as 'Staff'.
www.stafy.net will be referred to hereinafter as STAFY.
Managers and staffs who have a memberships on the STAFY system, accept the terms of this agreement in advance.

General Conditions

STAFY is designed to help businesses and Staffs to keep track of their working hours and work performance in a simple, understandable, economic and practical way.
The STAFY system offers software including www.stafy.net and Android, IOS Mobile applications free of charge as of the date of the contract.
STAFY, without giving any notice to the Administrators and Staff registered in the system, the website and mobile application software to use, shut down, terminate the service for any user, prevent access, change the terms, conditions, policies, make the services paid, has the right to transfer all of its rights to another institution, organization or person.
Records created on the STAFY system can be viewed by the Managers and the Staffs defined by the managers.
STAFY is not responsible for the accuracy of the records processed on the system, the storage of the records, any material and moral damages that may arise from the use of these records in any way.
Records on the STAFY system cannot be used as legal proof by Managers and Staff.
STAFY is not obliged to present any records to the Managers or Staffs, submit records and to inform them about the records even if requested.
The use of the STAFY system is at the discretion of the executives and staff. STAFY cannot be shown as a party to any disputes that may arise between the manager and staff, or between the manager and staff and any institution.
Administrators and Staffs are responsible for the security of the passwords used in the STAFY system, for sharing these passwords with others and for accessing recorded data by others.