What is STAFY?

STAFY is an innovative Staff Attendance Monitoring System.

It enables the simple and cost-free monitoring of staffs working time and work performance.

There is no purchase, hardware installation, activation, licensing, maintenance, repair and similar costs for use.


How it works?

The manager creates an account at our website and makes a needed definations of their staffs.

The system creates a CheckPoint Card Page in A4 format.

The desired number of these pages can be printed and affixed to the appropriate places in the workplace.

When the staff enters and leaves the workplace, they scan the CheckPoint card by STAFY mobile application.


Work Start.


Working and Performance Tracking


End Of Work

The application records entry and exit hours of the staff to the system by checking ip address and location information.

Staff and Managers can log in to the system through their own dedicated applications, and find out, over work, less work, late arrival, early departure, non-attendance, etc. status and their working performance within the specified date range.

In the STAFY system, records can be viewed bilaterally by staff and managers.

This transparent structure used in the system prevents the loss of rights that may occur against both the staff and the enterprise and contributes to the creation of a more productive work with the awareness it creates.


    • STAFY system uses mobile phone and QR code tag as hardware.

    • Compatible with Android and IOS devices.

    • There is no need to use magnetic card, fingerprint scanner or like these equipments.

    • It is free, no installation, license, activation, maintenance and repair costs.

    • Web platform support all internet browsers.

    • The system is reachable from anywhere with an internet connection.

    • The desired number of control points (CheckPoint Card) can be created through the system.

    • Multiple checkpoint feature prevents entry / exit personnel queues.

    • Working days, hours and location can be defined specifically for the any staff

    • The workplace can be identified by querying the address or on the map based on location.

    • Location based control algorithm verifies staff's input / output.

    • Process is verified by IP address control algorithm.

    • The working status of the personnel during the day can be displayed instantly on the system.


  • Defining employee informations
  • Defining employee work days
  • Defining employee work hours
  • Using map to define work place
  • Location-based tracking
  • IP Address Control
  • Unlimited location defining
  • Intraday Transaction Tracking
  • Query between stated dates
  • Absence, Late Arriving, Insufficient working, Early Departure, Working amount and Excess Work screening
  • Personal performance tracking
  • No cost for setup
  • No cost for activation
  • No cost for Maintenancee
  • Web Platform
  • Android Mobile Application
  • IOS Mobile Application